The courses are designed to meet the strict requirement of the Cambridge curriculum; Currently the courses on offer are;
  1. Business studies at O level, AS and A Level
  2. Economics at AS and A level

Key features

The focus of the key features is to allow easy access to learning resources, revision and preparation for the final examinations.
  • The subject content and interpretation is strictly as per the current syllabus and schemes of work.
  • The topics and subtopics are aligned as per the subject syllabus for ease access and reference.
  • For each concept covered, past paper questions are attached for self-evaluation and assessment to enhance understanding of the concept/theory. This will help students to appreciate and anticipate how different concepts are tested and assessed.
  • Past paper details are attached under each question for easy access and reference to the marking schemes.
  • Past paper questions for the last 10 years organised as per topic for ease of cross reference with the subject content, syllabus, and marking scheme.
Past paper
Past paper questions by topic and paper number are available for free. To access the past papers question, register first and long in.Topic questions are the perfect way to master topics, concepts and theories one at a time. They make revision more effective and efficient

Model answers
Model answers to past to past paper questions are provided to help students understand the structure of answers, achievement of assessment levels and how to allocate and maximise marks. Each model answer breaks the question down into easy to understand steps and how marks are allocated.

How to answer questions
A step by step explanation questions focusing on:
  1. planning of how to answer the question
  2. levels of assessment and assessment objectives
  3. Allocation of Marks in achieving the levels of assessment.
Disclaimer / Acknowledgement
The courses are designed to meet the strict requirement of the Cambridge curriculum. For this reason,we greatly relied on Cambridge Assesment international resources-specifical the cambridge curriculum,CIE syllbuses and past papers for Business Studies and Economics.

Working Towards Excellence

Welcome to Achievers School

Achievers school is an online school providing quality education and access to knowledge resources in the Cambridge curriculum. Our focus is to avail the resources you need in a way that makes learning simple, fun but with a strategic approach.

Who should buy the courses?

  1. Current candidates preparing for their final examinations.
  2. Private Students preparing for current or future examinations.
  3. Students taking private tuition or home schooling.
  4. Parents of student taking Business Studies and Economics.
  5. Teachers of Business Studies and Economics.

Why should you buy the course?

Our unique proposition is to:
  1. Provide students with quality course content.
  2. Make learning and revision efficient and effective.
  3. Provide a one stop platform for students to access learning resources and facilitate effective preparation for examinations.

Why Achievers School?

At Achievers School, we are working towards excellence and making learning fun. We understand that learning can be overwhelming and monotonous. As part of the solution, we have developed a tool to make learning and teaching easy and fun for IGCSE, AS and AL specifically to meet the international Cambridge curriculum standards. Our current subjects of focus are Economics and Business Studies.

We have developed revision notes and content designed strictly to the international Cambridge syllabus which can be purchased at a very affordable price either monthly (KSHS 1,122.50 /USD 10 access per course) or yearly (KSHS 11,225/USD 100 access per course).

What makes us unique is that we have over 30 years teaching experience, allowing us to have been able to tailor the notes in an easy format in line with the syllabus making it easy to answer exam questions precisely and accurately to ensure a high pass mark. We have gone the extra mile of providing notes based on likely questions and included past paper questions for the last three to five years with a link for the marking scheme for self-evaluation in line with the notes.

Click on the Cambridge Curriculum drop down menu to get started and make your purchase today.

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